Thursday, April 9, 2009

Today's headlines from the couch

-GIRL GETS DRUNK:I woke up with the worst hangover I've had in years. BUT, it came to the tune of free drinks and a rockin' karaoke filled evening. DUDE NIGHT!
-NEW ROOMMATE SEEMS NICE:Then, i had a brief chat with the dude who will be moving in on Sunday. New roommates, well, new people in general give me vague anxiety. This guy, though, seems nice and peaceful. good energy, hopefully, in strange space.
-A NEW HOPE: I had an appointment with an agent today. After a brief audition that felt so good it reminded me of what I was born to do, i am officially on their roster. YEAH!
-STAFFING AGENCIES ARE DUMB: not news, of course, but i submitted my stuff to this one agency earlier this week, and their window for getting back to you is from 9-4. OF COURSE i planned to call them this afternoon...and OF COURSE my audition thingy ran long...meaning, i have to wait another week to even talk to them. I called and they told me to call back next Thursday. *sigh* Also, if you're not getting enough jobs to send me out right away, don't call me in and sign me up. false hope ain't fun.
-OFFICE BANNED: After getting caught up on the past 4 seasons of The Office in a mere 4 weeks, I am done. I know, there is a fifth season happening right now...and i'm only on the first disc of season 4...but I can't do it. I don't laugh very much, i just feel sad. These losers get paid to do nothing, clearly incompetent. I, however, have lots of competence and don't get paid to do anything. so, until further notice, i hereby have a ban on The Office, thereby updating my current ban list:
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Jim Carrey Movies
Working at Reverence
The Office
Buying clothes I can't wear to work

I also have some probationary bans, things that i'm trying to ban, but are just too difficult:

Late night eating
unnecessary grocery store trips

I know...that last one especially deserves some explanation. I'm trying to not think about it or worry about it. I think that particular pastime has the tendency to become consuming, and to feel in itself like a job. I don't want that. Nor do I think that the online dating thing is really up my alley. It also helps to ban something when you just aren't interested.

It's inspired, a little bit, by a number of conversations I've had with myself and the lovely Autumn, about how you have to not think about it before it'll ever happen. Sorta like last night while I waited for the bus, I was singing to myself to prepare for the agent meeting today...and I busted out some of the best singing I've ever EVER done. and LOVED doing it. and I wasn't thinking about it because it didn't matter. But in the end, it DID matter because I found something I loved.

I would like to put a ban on unemployment talk, but i've never met a topic so all-consuming. There's just no way around it. I know you're tired of hearing about it, world. But I just don't know what to do...but talk about it...that doesn't cost money, right? I'll try to cut back, i promise.

Best part of my day: Newman's Own Sweet Onion and Garlic Pasta Sauce. DAMN good.

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Dr. Church said...

Oh come on! Yes Man was hilarious!