Tuesday, April 7, 2009

good things

Rather than whining about the duldrums of unemployment and food stamps, I'm choosing to celebrate the best part of my day today.

I got a haircut. A good one. For FREE.

Now, I know this isn't the first free haircut I've ever gotten. I've been known to get my mane managed in a friend's kitchen with a pair of craft scissors, a fork, and a basting brush. I've never cut it myself, but I have cut corners in the past when it has come to cutting my hair.

How'd I do it? Friends, may I present www.salonapprentice.com
It's like craigslist for salons. Everyone who posts on here has completed a cosmetology program, and they're just completing an apprenticeship before getting their license. My guy actually has his license in Florida, but is waiting for it to transfer to Chicago, so he's giving out free haircuts in the meantime. I tipped him $10. I feel so good.
Moment to ponder: it's weird how connected my energy is to my hair. If my hair sucks, it takes a bit to overcome it. But when my hair gets itself together, it's just amazing.

Also, last night I completed something from my list. The stick thing for the wall I had on my list? Done. A little background:

I have a deep soft spot in my heart for all things tree. I like trees and plants and leaves and branches. For some reason for quite some time I've had this image of branches in my mind. It might, or might not have something to do with the very sad tree situation out our front window.

Poor naked tree...it's branches below the waist have been sadly shorn off making it look like it's not wearing any pants. I feel so bad for this tree and its the only tree on our front lawn.

I finally gathered the branches a few weeks ago when visiting the lake, and last night I put them together. Now the thing hangs proudly in our living room. It makes me happy, even if it is simple, and held together with green yarn.

Imagine that wall without those sticks and it might mean more. Also, the sticks protrude from the wall a bit, which is neat when you're sitting on the couch.

Regardless, I got something done today!

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