Wednesday, September 10, 2008


i remembered, sort of, that i have this bloggy thing and whether or not anyone reads it (thanks, kelly!) i should chronicle things a bit...

so...i dropped the middle eastern place as fast as possible and got a job.  a new one.  I work at a cafe called Reverence in Evanston where I bake, and make coffee and serve customers and generally hang out.  its kinda the easiest job ever ever ever and i really like it. Its been around since March and my boss is lovely and cool.  I went to IKEA and dinner with her tonight and it was lovely and she has big plans for my involvement with the restaurant and includes me in the proceedings and goings on of its future.  I like a shareholder.  Sweat equity...  i have a voice and a job and very little stress.  A lot of the time it doesn't even feel like working.  and did i mention i'm getting a raise this week?

annnnd i got another job.  to go with one cafe, i work at another cafe on the weekends.  its in Andersonville(right around the corner from my house) and its called M. Henry.  It was one of my favorite restaurants so far in Chicago, (granted, i've only lived here about 6 weeks) but its also great, though a little older (5 years) and a little more organized.  At Reverence, i am one of two employees, at M. Henry I'm one of i sometimes feel more like a cog, and a generally run around during sat/sun brunch delivering lattes and cappuccinos.   And i'm also supposed to be a baker's assistant.  ( The jobs are so similar and so different at the same time.)  I don't know when i'll be doing much extra baking, when i'm not upselling baked confections and steaming milk...but they hired me to do as much as i run my ass off for two days and then leisurely bake whatever i want and stroll around evanston the rest of the days a week.  M. Henry also offered me full time today.  oh boy...

its cool. i figure i like doing reverence as my full time thing.  I'd rather do that 5 days a week than barista 5 days a week and reverence 2 days...and i learn a lot and wear black all the time.  its like almost a dream i never knew i had come true...almost.

i work, i work out, i sleep.  the next step is to just carefully weave that acting thing in underneath it all so that eventually, it'll overtake both after i set it up and  let it carefully simmer for a bit.

that is, until the next shoe drops...but until then, i'm swimming in free food...who's ready for a potluck?