Friday, April 10, 2009

a strained hero has fallen

I don't really like the apartment I live in.

I take that back. I like the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen(sort of). If I could transfer those rooms to a different street, further south, with a bigger bedroom, a nicer bathroom and free parking, i'd be in heaven. As it stands now, though, I don't like the current combination of things. I suppose I'd like it more if I wasn't here so much...but I am right now so small things seem big.

That said, in this time of staying home alone, I have become friends with the plant life around me. I have two plants in the kitchen, and then there's the sad, half-naked tree(let's call him Edgar the Evergreen) in the front yard. My landlord's treatment of this tree really upsets me...he's taken off all the lower branches. I don't voice my feelings for this tree very often. Only recently did I even mention it, and that was only here. This tree is the beacon for my house, the signpost that tells me where my house is as I walk down the sidewalk.

Friends, today is a sad day. As I type this, my friend Edgar is being CHOPPED DOWN by a chainsaw as my landlord watches with arms crossed. Oh, the horror! It plays in my head like some weird clip from torture-porn movie or something.*shudder*..I do not like my landlord, either.

Goodbye, Edgar the Evergreen. You were loved, secretly, by me. I'm sorry I never voiced it. I hope your roots reach deep in Tree Heaven. You'll be happier there. More sun, less noise. I'll miss you.

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