Monday, April 20, 2009


I'm choosing to find the lighter things in life these days. I'm tired of hearing myself talk about bad stuff, or complain. Therefore, I give you a list of the things for which I am thankful.

  1. My family. Mom, KT, Kelsey. And Dad.
  2. My friends. here, there, and everywhere.
  3. My car.
  4. My free education. A high school diploma, a BFA, and an MFA...all FREE.
  5. My past, with all it's pitfalls and awkwardness. It's what brought me to this moment.
  6. My citizenship. Complain all you want. We have it a lot better than most.
  7. Music.
  8. Art.
  9. Theatre...and my path in it.
  10. My health.
  11. A love story. It may have ended, but I'm thankful I had it.
  1. Coffee.
  2. The internet: gmail, facebook, and pandora. Someday, i'll go back to avoiding facebook, but right now I just can't help myself.
  3. Apples.
  4. Cool whip. Say what you brightens any day.
  5. Frozen Reese cups.
  6. Laundromats, specifically Bubbleland. Five loads, wash and dry for $7, in 90 minutes.
  7. My plants.
  8. Naps.
  9. Netflix.
  10. Barack Obama. I live with a socialist now who ever so gently reminds me that Obama is just part of a system in which we have no power. My new roommate is very nice and positive. And he believes that the only way to create the kind of change we all hope for is through true revolution that returns power to the people. I understand where he's coming from, but right now, I need Barack Obama to be awesome. I need to believe in him. And I do. For better or worse.
  11. The joy of my new socialist roommate. He bought flowers! They smell nice too!

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